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The Lost Thing
Yesterday Shaun Tan was kind enough to give me an impromptu (and unauthorized) full screening of the The Lost Thing, which had only premiered in France the day before and has yet to be released in Australia. I was stunned... there was none of the antiseptic feeling one often finds in short CG movies. The film not only captures the essense of the book, but fleshes out a lot of small stories happening in the background. The depiction of "Utopia" where the narrator and the Lost Thing part ways ranks among the most wondrous sequences I've seen in a long time.

My only complaint? The Hallucigenia-cat from the book was missing!

The film will be doing the rounds at local film festivals and will be on DVD (by Madman) in (probably) October.

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cool :) BTW, lots more Lovecraft up at LibriVox :)

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