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Hard to get weirder than this...

My vote for the weirdest extant lifeform goes to the Blanket octopuses (Tremoctopus sp.), 4 species of pelagic cephalopod from tropical/subtropical oceans. Females are up to 2 m long and have the characteristic "blankets". Males are tiny (1-2cm long) and have a specially modified right tentacle for sperm storage. During mating, the arm tears itself off and independently wriggles its way inside female, ejecting its load of sperm (hentai tentacle-sex at its finest). Finally, the males and juvenile females rip the stinging tentacles off Portuguese men-of-war for use as hand-held weaponry.


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damn, I forget they had detachable penises like the argonauts... I'll have to edit my wtf_nature post

Well technically, blanket ockies are argonauts, or at least argonautOIDS.
Superfamily Argonautoidea = blanket ockies (Tremoctopodidae) + Football ockies (Ocythoidae) + 7-armed ockie (Alloposidae) + true argonauts/paper nauts' (Argonautidae).

The other two argonautoid families are monotypic and just as freaky:

Seven-arm Octopus (Haliphron atlanticus, formerly Alloposus spp.) is the biggest scientifically verified octopus (c 4m long, 75kg). Male keeps his "penis" coiled up in a sac behind his right eye giving the appearance of 7 tentacles.

Tuberculate Octopus (Ocythoe tuberculata) is the only cephalopod possessing a true buoyancy-control gas chamber and the only known ovoviviparous cephalopod. Instead of raiding siphonophores for armaments like the blankies, this species turns colonial salps into fortresses.

Evolutionarily, the argonautoids have really gone wild.

never heard of that last one!

Sia vivo James , sed nekonata al ni

I shudder to think how extraterrestial lifeforms will eat, breathe, move and reproduce!

Re: Sia vivo James , sed nekonata al ni

No matter how weird it is, I'm sure its a lot of fun.

For the aliens I mean...

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