Theropods in flight

21 November
You have stumbled onto the lair of a vertebrate palaeontologist/scientific illustrator/dino-geek.

Twas born on the mystical island of S'pore but was catapulted way down south to Perth, Oz in '76 where I remained until July '05 upon which I was ensnared by the flailing tentacles of Melbourne. Me likes dinosaurs (digging them up, writing them up and painting them up), birds, reptiles, fish, forests, anime, sci-fi, scuba-diving, marine aquaria and other stuff too lame or embarassing to mention.

My writings and pictures have appeared in a number of fanzines, scientific periodicals and the odd TV documentary. My first major professional illustrated work * The Big Picture Book * written with John Long (Allen & Unwin) was released in April 2005.

Have fun!
anime, aquaria, birds, bushwalking, dinosaurs, fish (living and fossil), palaeontology in general, playstation, reptiles, scuba-diving blah blah blah...